The Schwarzschild Solution

An “easy” solution to the Einstein equation (in free space) is the spherically symmetric Schwarzschild solution. The pdf bellow shows how one can use the diffgeom module in order to get the equations describing this solution.

One starts with the most general spherically symmetrical metric and by using Einstein equation R_{\mu \nu}=0 deduces the equations that must be fulfilled by the components of the metric (in the chosen basis).


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  1. Nice notebook. Are you going to include it in one of your pull requests?

  2. Comer Duncan

     /  31.07.2012

    Can you share the ipython nb, assuming that is what I am seeing? Good to see examples, especially as WIP goes.

  3. rico fischer

     /  12.12.2012

    In step 9 is missing the rest of the terminal input, so it is impossible to define diffgeom_simplify.


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